Why Remotely Close™?


Recent events in the news related to privacy and the use of our own social media content have us all feeling like we wish we could go back and find a simpler way to share moments with the people we care about. At Newyu, we have been hard at work on a solution that at its core is related to helping families stay connected digitally, privately, and securely.

We do not have visions of becoming the next "hot" app in social media, and we will never be a social media company. This is about creating a safe environment for you and your family (and close friends) to connect and share content about your lives. We aren't finished with the entire platform yet, but we have been using the core platform with our own families and given recent events, we wanted to share it with your families as well.

Full disclosure, we rushed the release of Remotely Close™ so we could make the product better by getting real feedback from real users. We are confident in the basic functionality, but we know that some of you on certain devices might experience issues with various features, and we are here to listen and do our best to correct them.

We hope you find our solution useful and meaningful for your family, and most of all we hope to hear from you on what we are doing wrong, what we could do better, and what things you crave that we haven't uncovered yet.

Why should you help us make this a great product? Why trust us with your content?

To answer that question, it would help if you had some background on who we are.

Our company has been around since 1998, with the goal of using software-based solutions to help patients better engage with and manage their own health as it relates to the management of chronic diseases such as diabetes. We started our journey known as iMetrikus, and during that period we focused on telehealth solutions involving the use of hardware devices in the home, connected to various medical devices, communicating those measurements to physicians over the internet (this was before the "cloud") for analysis and care. Our products were registered and regulated by the FDA, which required us to learn how to protect, store, and process health data from the beginning.

Several years later, we renamed ourselves Numera and embarked on a new mission to reach as many patients as possible with impactful solutions. That mission led us to focus on healthy aging for seniors, allowing them to live independently as long as possible. During that time, we re-imagined what a PERS (Personal Emergency Response Services) solution could do for seniors, by allowing them to leave their home while still having mobile access to emergency and care services if needed. Our solution quickly became the #1 mobile PERS solution and we successfully sold that business in 2015.

After Numera, we became Newyu, Inc. Along our journey we learned that our core expertise lies in developing and operating cloud based health platforms that store, process, and report on medical data across the globe. Today, we develop, operate, and support health platforms for some of the world's largest medical device manufacturers in over 14 countries.

What does that history have to do with Family-based social networks?

It goes back to our original goal -- to help people manage their own health using software and technology. During our Numera years, we learned a lot about the solutions available to seniors and families for helping them manage the later years in life. Did you know that seniors often have multiple chronic diseases? There is no larger group we could focus on than seniors, as more than 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 years old every day from now until the year 2030.

Forget about the impact to our country's health system, which will be enormous, and instead focus on the impact to the individual families. Today's family life is hectic and we all want our parents and grandparents to have the luxury of living at home, independently, as long as possible. But that also means we run the risk of isolating our parents if they aren't as active as they used to be, and demands for our time as adult children increase as our senior's needs change.

Our grander vision for Remotely Close™ involves creating solutions for families which benefit all generations of the family, helping all members manage the aging process together. Today you can share special moments and create a safe place for the family to share events. Soon you will be able to remotely engage and support your senior members as they deal with health episodes and other needs, whether it is sweeping out the garage, changing light bulbs, or attending that week's doctor appointments. It will be up to all of our families and friends, not the healthcare system, to help us all age gracefully.

Join Us

We have been managing sensitive health data for decades, and we will protect your family moments just as carefully. Help us create a platform that is always there to help you and your family stay connected, supported, and feel loved.

We all deserve that.

Steve Klee
Newyu, Inc.