Keep It Close

Remember the good old days when social media was simple and fun? You shared moments in your life with people who cared and it wasn't about how many people you shared with? No live feeds, no creepy ads, no stalking, no bullies, no noise. We do too.
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Your Social Network

Not THE Social Network. You aren't trying to impress anyone with your awesome photos or witty posts ... you just want to share your 500th photo of your dog or kids with your family and friends who actually care. Why be subjected to politics, fake news, and divisive opinions just to see if your mom liked your photo?


Create families for your immediate family, extended family, cousins, weird relatives. Or don't.

Real Friends

We get it, some of you are closer with your friends than your blood relatives. No problem, create families for them.


YOU control the families you belong to. No one can share your moment with others or add you to a family without your consent.

Simple Sharing

Back to basics. Share photos, videos, locations, messages, and audio messages .. but no links or articles.

Simple Reactions

Ignore it, like it, comment on it, or favorite it. You can even mute those family members who share a little too much.


No need to leave out the kids or grandparents, we make an app for the TV so they can engage without using a smartphone.

What about Privacy?

That's the whole point. We don't even want to know who you are, so we do our best to make sure you aren't exposing information about your family. Let us walk you through how we do that. Read this to learn why we created Remotely Close™.


Download and Install

It is available in both app stores for phones and tablets.


Get Started

Every family begins with a Family Organizer, this is the only email we need from you, and we only require an email, name (not your real one), and password.

Why the email? Since you "own" the family, if you ever forget your password we need a way to contact you to reset it. No additional identity verification required.


Setup Your Family

This is where we give you control and options in keeping your family information private. You can create family members using only a name (like Grandpa). Or you can invite them using email, where they have the option of creating an account and password with that email.


How do they Login?

If you invited them via email, they can follow the same process you did. If you simply added them, they can request a code you can approve for their device. You can also sign in on their device and specify the device is for a specific family member and not you.


Manage Like a Boss

We give you the power to be the tech support for your family (like you already are). You can remove devices, add devices, reset passwords, change emails, set profile photos, make others organizers ... this is your private Family Network, you control every aspect of it.


Multiple Families

You or your family members can create new families with different or overlapping members. Each member is in control of which families they belong to, and who they share with.


Protecting your Members

For kids, seniors, and other less tech-savvy members of your family, it's best not to use email. This way you know they can't be invited to other groups or even contacted outside your family.


Private Sharing

You can share moments one on one with other members, to entire families, or groups of families. Once you have shared something, it can't be re-shared by someone else, nor can the media be copied or downloaded within the application.


We Don't Sell Your Data

This is your data. We don't monitor, sell, or moderate your family's data. Even when we release our optional ad-supported version, you will be in control of what information (if any) you are willing to expose to advertisers. No creepy ads and no ad identifiers allowed.

Additional Features

We are just getting started and will work hard to protect your privacy and bring you meaningful features. Help us make it better by letting us know what features are important to you.

Virtual Nag

Have you called your mother? We all get busy, and sometimes forget that some family members aren't as busy. Sharing moments with them can make their whole day. You can enable our "engagement" settings to remind you to share things with those members if you have been quiet for too long.

Notification Control

Your Remotely Close™ activity feed is not going to be as busy as what you are used to, so we notify you when something happens. Your family may exceed our expectations, so we give you complete control over the types of notifications you receive as well as who to ignore.


Stay Social

We know you aren't going to stop your other social media adventures, so we integrated with them so you can have specific content from other networks sucked into Remotely Close™ using customized #hashtags. This way Gramma can see your adventures, but her COMMENTS will stay in Remotely Close™. Maybe now your college-age kids will share moments with your father and get him off your back that he never hears from them.

Bring on the Big Screen

Ever tried to teach your grandparents how to use the latest app? Or share a funny video at Thanksgiving? Trust us, it is a lot more fun sharing on the TV and letting everyone view it together.


Using a Roku enabled Television or Streaming Device

Anyone in your family can use our Roku application to link their device with your family and join the fun using their remote. They can view all of the content, even like and favorite moments right on the TV. Plus, if you link with Facebook or Instagram, you can view content you shared on those platforms on the TV as well.

Need a Roku?  screenshots


Pricing plans

Let's talk about Money. Surprisingly, this service costs us money to run, and we don't want to force you to look at ads. Right now, the service is FREE and there will always be a free option, even if the free features change over time. Soon we will begin offering additional features in exchange for Money.



Everyone starts here, which includes all of the currently available features, with storage and time limitations. We aren't a photo and video archive service, you have a lot of options for those services. With this plan, we will store up to 500MB of your content while removing the oldest content to keep you under this limit.



Additional features and more storage for a small fee per month.

Ad Supported


More storage, but you have to put up with ads. These won't be creepy ads that track you, but simple ads you can control. You can get more storage by agreeing to share your gender or age, but you have to consent to do that.


Take a look at some of our screens to see how easily you could be sharing again with people you care about.

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