Frequently Asked Questions

What about my friends?

Well they are family too, aren't they? Add them to your family.

But my friends and family don't mix very well...

We get it, you can simply create another family that you invite your friends to. Now you have two families!

Are you telling me that I won't have to worry if I'm going overboard sharing posts about my adorable pets and kids??

Exactly! The people that truly care about those things are most likely your family and closest friends which are your only audience in Remotely Close.

So my grandma isn't the best with technology

We understand and also want to make sure that it's easy for everyone in your family to be able to stay involved with the fun! So, no smart phone? Can they use a TV? Great! We have a Roku channel that they can use to see everything that is getting posted.

Yeah but they aren't the greatest when it comes to remembering passwords...

Well, you are the family organizer, so you can set it up for them easily, no passwords to remember, it just works.

I'm pretty sensitive about my privacy

We are too! That's part of the reason we are on this journey. Your data will remain private, you control who you share it with. In fact, we don't even require much of your data at all for you to use the app in the first place.

So are there ads?

Not yet! But server space isn't free... However, we get that not everyone likes ads so we plan to have options for you to either pay a monthly fee or to opt into receiving ads (you will also get improvements to your experience if you choose these options, such as more storage space).

What else you got?

Remember how we want to include your more senior members in the fun? Well we also have a way to encourage interaction between your family members! You can set up family notifications to let members know when certain members haven't had any posts shared with them for a while. We think it's pretty cool.

Who is Newyu? And why should I trust them more than ...?

Read this note from our CEO about our company and mission to help families stay connected.

Need more help?

Visit our support site for more information on getting started.